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The ELD mandate is a complicated thing.

We’ll help you simplify it.
Did you know?
According to the FMCSA ELDs will help to save an estimate of $705 on paperwork per driver per year.*
Information provided by FMCSA*
What is an ELD?

§395.2: “ELD means a device or technology that automatically records a driver’s driving time and facilitates the accurate recording of the driver’s hours of service.*
Information provided by FMCSA*
Ace Fleet Manager's In-Cabin Plus your ELD solution

With our easy to use electronic logging system your fleet managers and drivers will have access to the information they need, faster and easier while in compliance with the ELD mandate.
ELD Benifets
Increase productivity on drive time
Drivers won’t need to fill out any more paper logs, and dispatchers will have more accurate and faster information for their records.
Reduce human error
Using the AFM In-CabinPlus, the system will collect information automatically and reduce interaction with the driver's. Driver's will not need to keep track and make sure he/she does not forget to enter the correct information to the driver's log, here the system will remind and help the driver maintain all records up to date live.
Increase safety for drivers and your operation
Easier and faster vehicle inspections, notifying the correct department on-time to fix any issue. Also avoiding drivers to work more hours than they should risking your driver’s safety.
Reduce violations
Make sure that your drivers are always in compliance with live alerts, information available to officers on the road or any possible audit with accurate and in compliance information.
Organize digital information, reduce the risk of an audit
Information is available online, you will be able to run reports for past months and export it for your records, additionally, Ace Fleet Manager backup’s data for up to 6 years. One way or another, you will be safe with Ace Fleet Manager’s AFM In-Cabin Plus ELD solution